Dr.King's dream was freedom. Dr.Kings dream has came true. Why ot why not ? Today, there isn't much racisim and separation of the races like how it use to be back in the day. The way I know or the things that make me think that is because of the way things are today. The things that i see today, everyone's friends with everyone despite the colors. My family and I are living "the dream" motto. 
This quote applies to "The Initiation" because 
This quote applies to "The Most Dangerous Game" because Rainsford survived & took down the general Zaroff. Rainsford had a choice to go human hunting with Zaroff which Rainsford refused. Zaroff got mad so he threatened Rainsford saying he would hunt him or turn him over to Ivan. In the end of the story, the general Zaroff was killed by Rainsford which means Rainsford was the  better oppenent. Which applies to the quote "Survival of the fittest".